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"I was t-boned on driver's side by someone speeding through a stop sign and had been in pain for over a year in my right side, from my ear down to my right foot. I also had to use a cane and could not walk very far. I had 3 molars fractured right side.
I did everything, Physio, Chinese massage, RMT, you name it. I met Jessica at my yoga studio and felt an immediate connection. I saw her once a week for 3 weeks, then monthly for 2 months so far. I always felt it was more nerve pain than muscular, and after seeing Jessica, I can now move my neck fully, my hot yoga practice has improved beyond my wildest dreams, and most of all I am much more limber on my right side and my pain is minimal. And no more cane!!
It is a subtle therapy, but works on many levels. I shall continue my visits with her and am blessed to have found her. Thank you, Jessica. 

- Suzyn Regan, Retiree and Bikram Yoga Enthusiast
"I kept putting off getting Bowen therapy because I wasn't sure what it was. I wish I hadn't wasted my time with other forms of pain management for my back and other issues. I felt an immediate release, and I regret wasting so much money before I found Bowen - Jessica has magic hands!"
- Genevieve Erin McGuire, UBC Science Student
"I must say - since that last Bowen session, mainly the jaw, I feel holy. Thank you!
- Lynn Legault, Holistic Healer and Nutritionist
"I did a session of psych K with Jessica and loved it. She is such a lovely and professional young woman who made me me feel relaxed and open to her therapy. I came away feeling very empowered and would highly recommend her! She has treated me with Bowen therapy as well, and is excellent!"
- Siân Rackham, Lab Technician

"I purchased few treatments from Jessica. I was amazed at her knowledge, kindness and professionalism, but most of all the results I had after one treatment. I have a very high stress job, causing my upper shoulders and neck to be totally seized and contracted and not able to relax. 

With only one treatment, she was able to get my shoulders and neck totally relaxed, just with the use of her hands and aromatherapy... it was just wonderful to be able to have my shoulders positioned right. I have had many other treatments and massage by other professionals, but never received this kind of results. I look forward to my next treatment."

- Maria Pillon, President of Esthetics Distance Learning Online

"You have such a serene, loving energy. You've honestly turned my day around. I was expecting today to be a difficult one, but now I just feel relaxed and peaceful. Thank you!

Were there ever a day that needed steering in the right direction, it was today. I'm still tired of course, but not irritable like I probably would have been.

You set the day's tone as peaceful, and I'm happily riding that wave with my piano music."

- Jarrod Gallivan, Business Operations

"I highly recommend Jessica for Psych-K treatments better known as muscle testing or kinesiology. For me Psych-K is much more than muscle testing. Results are noticeable with the very first treatment. One issue or one belief at a time gets resolved with just a simple "Yes" or "No."
After having several treatments, I have noticed that my core belief has changed dramatically. My beliefs have irrevocable changed to the point that I am more at peace internally, and feel happier knowing that each my beliefs have changed for good. 
On a personal experience, I am more relaxed around family issues, such as if my daughters do not contact me for a period of time, I think about it but I do not get all worked up inside and perhaps create a dramatic mental and emotional chaos within that used to last for days."  
- Rita Dominelli, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

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